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Serving Nonprofits And Private/Public Companies

Outsourced Accounting

Vasquez offers these Accounting and Bookkeeping Services to help nonprofits, private companies, and high net worth individuals streamline and improve the efficiency of their operations:

+ Outsourced Accounting
+ Transaction accounting and reporting
+ Budgeting and stream-lining accounting systems
+ General ledger, accounts payable and accounts receivable analysis
+ Quickbooks Pro Advisor Certified

“Sometimes, when you do the cost-benefit analysis, it makes more sense to outsource certain aspects of your accounting to a trusted, local resource.”

Gilbert R. Vasquez, Managing Partner

Restoring Confidence in the Numbers

The CEO of a leading Los Angeles broadband cable company was not satisfied with what was coming out of his accounting department. He was not getting the reporting and analysis he needed to make key financial decisions and to reassure investors about the performance of the company. He was just getting numbers, so without the ability to decipher their meaning, there was an overall lack of trust in those numbers.

Vasquez proposed a complete audit to determine staffing requirements and system improvements.  The CEO wanted even more decisive action. He suggested that Vasquez take over the company’s accounting functions, so we moved in quickly making a smooth transition.

Within a short time, we were established to handle all of the company’s accounting functions. Financial reporting integrity returned. The CEO, Board, and investors got accurate numbers AND the analysis they needed on time. Investor confidence was fully restored, and the resulting new capital infusions allowed the company to continue its growth.

Accounting Without

“We’re medical people, not accountants” was what we heard from the head of a newly formed nonprofit trauma counseling group.  The group’s social workers travel worldwide to provide disaster area counseling and post-traumatic stress counseling.

As a lean nonprofit organization with a core mission to help and heal others, the group decided at the outset to outsource its accounting functions. Vasquez got the call, and we quickly moved to establish the group’s core accounting functions. The group’s CEO, Board, and major donors all had peace of mind that the financial details are soundly handled, so the healers can do their job, helping the traumatized cope in some of the harshest conditions in the world.

Vasquez is proud to provide the accounting backbone to this worthwhile endeavor.

Would you like to focus more on client relationships and mission objectives?
Would you like to expand the range of services to your clients?
Do you need reliable and extended back office with an excellent track record?
Do you need readily available, experienced and knowledgeable back office support?
Do you need efficient staff capable of faster turnaround?

Our Outsourced Accounting Department provides a virtual accounting department for your business. We assign a dedicated team of bookkeepers and managers to your company. We provide full-charge bookkeeping on a weekly basis and perform month-end closings. Our services include:

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