You Want more than
Just numbers. You want opportunities.

We can help you find them.


See how for-Profit and Nonprofit Organizations use Vasquez to handle their accounting while they stay focused on their core missions.

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We collaborate to bring together the right expertise to meet your needs, resolve emerging issues proactively, and bring innovative ideas and solutions that deliver value to you.

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Customized and proprietary consulting expertise for your business and family.

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Vasquez provides comprehensive and specialized tax services for businesses with multiple industry specific expertise for Corporations and Pass-through entities, (i.e. S-Corps and LLCs), Nonprofit Organizations, Private Foundations, Trusts & Estates, Individuals (including high net worth individuals, expats & inpats)

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Success. Not ours, but yours. Let's help you succeed.

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about us

Entrepreneurial Success. Entrepreneur is not a buzz word. It's a mindset.

It guided our founding in Los Angeles 50 years ago and it guides Vasquez & Company today. It's the final word in how we approach every engagement.

  • Success. Not ours, but yours.
  • Entrepreneurial success requires a proactive perspective.
  • Entrepreneurial success hinges on sophisticated solutions.
  • A powerhouse network at your fingertips.